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Record Books

The 4-H program has a long history of record keeping. The focus reflects the importance of this life skill in our daily lives. In 4-H, young people have tracked their activities, events, profits and losses, skill development and learning experiences, and much more using the iconic 4-H Record Book. In addition to record keeping, the 4-H Record Book gives members an opportunity to reflect on their year, measure their achievements and growth, and set goals and develop plans to meet those goals.

Record Books: News

Why have a 4-H record book?

  • 4-H record books give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work.  They document their skill development and their learning experiences in a written report. 4-H members measure their achievements and growth in their total years in 4-H

  • 4-H record books encourage members to set goals, pursue strategies to meet those goals, and to shift gears in the face of challenges and obstacles. Completion of the Personal Development Report awards 4-H members for participation in 4-H activities, which provides an incentive for participation, learning, and achievement.

  • Completing a 4-H record book is a process where 4-H members record project and club work. Records management is a competency skill to identify, create, classify, archive, and preserve records. The 4-H record book teaches 4-H  members these skills through a standard format.

Not Required for 4-H Membership

4-H record books are not required for membership or for participation in 4-H activities, such as club events and activities, or for attending 4-H camps or conferences. A 4-H record book may be required to receive participation awards (such as star ranking, medals, or pins based on 4-H record book achievements).

State 4-H Record Book Competition

The state record book competition is focused on selecting senior 4-H members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their 4-H project work. Books are judged against standard criteria. Those books displaying the most outstanding 4-H work, goal management skills, and leadership and citizenship development are selected as state medalists and/or state winners.

Record Books: Projects

Record Book Manual

This manual was designed to be more kid-friendly than previous versions. It outlines all the parts of the Record Book and includes instructions for completing each form.

Primary Record Book

We now have forms for Primary Members to start learning the skill of Record Management. 
Note: Primary Members are not required to complete reports forms to receive their annual stripe and pin.

Google Docs Record Book

Copy to your own personal Google Drive. NOTE: Most school districts block access from outside of your school district. Please be aware that if you are trying to use the google account assigned from your school, you are likely to get a denied access/request permission request. It is also likely that they will not grant you incoming access by your school account administrator. Please open a free, personal Google account to access the Google Record Book Forms feature.

Spark Achievement Manual

This is the NEW Record Book Manual.  The Spark Achievement Manual is the record book that is the new 4-H record book.

Record Books: Products

Individual Forms

Primary Report Form (iSprout)

For Primaries

Primary Personal Development Report

For Primaries
(ages 5-8)

Spark Report

For juniors, intermediates, and senior members.

Record Books: Programs
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