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How To Join: Get Involved

Enrollment into the San Bernardino County 4-H Program is open year round. Currently, the youth fee is $100.00 per year and the adult fee for volunteers is $35.00 per year. All volunteers must be fingerprinted before application will be considered.

A 4-H member chooses a project or many projects that they have a passion for; it could be cooking, shooting sports, robotics, rabbits, horses, sewing, citizenship or anything else they can think of. The member joins a project where the project leader teaches them about it. 4-H also offers public speaking and how to do demonstrations which are skills needed when youth are interviewed, summer camps, leadership conferences and workshops, scholarships and much more.

For more information contact 
Contact Emily Watson at 760.486.1399 or
for more information.

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You only need one profile for your entire family.  Create a profile or login to re-enroll.

How To Join: Welcome

There are 2 ways to pay.  Pay online or with cash or check to your local club leader.

How To Join: Quote

Already A Volunteer

New Volunteers

If you are a new volunteer, you'll need to complete the New Volunteer Training.  Click the training button below.

Returning Volunteers

If you are a returning volunteer, you'll need to complete the current training.  This is required every year.  Click the training button below.

How To Join: What We Do
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