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Cake Decorating

Members learn how to decorate a cake according to their tastes. Cakes may vary from advanced to very basic. The project may be designated for beginners to advanced skill levels.


In this project, youth learn about foods by partnering in the kitchen to plan and create baked goods. They explore the science, nutrition and history of baking while promoting healthy eating and resource management.

Bread making

Learn the many methods and history of bread making. May include traditional practices or machine practices. May include commercial introduction.


In this project, youth learn about foods by partnering with adults in the kitchen to plan and cook food, explore the science, nutrition, and history of cooking while promoting healthy eating and resource management.

Food Preservation

In this project youth will learn a variety of food preservation methods while making delicious foods, explore fun facts about nutrition, produce, and history of food preservation and engage in real life applications of science and mathematics such as heat transfer, chemistry, and measuring.


Learn how to shop for, prepare, and serve nutritious food safely, and how to maintain good health through a good diet. Food may be whatever the leader selects, with subcategories including but not limited to: Beginning, Dairy, International, Nutritional, and Preservation.


This project concentrates on personal health and well-being. Learn how to stay healthy by understanding basic health concepts. Participate in community health education and learn about different health services and related public misconceptions.

Junior Master Food Preserver

Requires County Director and Advisor approval with participation of a Certified Master Food Preserver. Youth must have completed the Beginning Food Preservation Project. Youth will extend their knowledge of the science and art of safe home food preservation and to extend this knowledge with others in their communities.


Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment and accepting it without judgement. Being mindful is to experience moments with openness and to be aware of the present.

Physical Fitness

Learn how to increase physical activity in a safe and fun atmosphere. Youth can participate in a variety of fitness projects including yoga, surfing, hiking, running, walking, strength training and more.

School Wellness

Youth partner with adult leaders to promote health and wellness on their school campus.


Participate in and/or referee any group or individual sport including but not limited to volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, skiing, sailing, roller-skating, and relays. Project can provide youth with the opportunity to build athletic skills and group communication. Participate in boosting public awareness.

Stress Management

In this project, youth partner with caring adults to explore ways they can reduce and manage their stress.


Yoga is a type of physical activity that combines physical movement with breathing and focused concentration. Youth in the 4-H Yoga project learn breathing exercises, physical postures, and mindful practices that help strengthen the mind and body.

Healthy Living: Products

Personal Safety

First Aid 

Learn about life-saving methods such as CPR and first-aid. May include certification.

Emergency Preparation & Management 

Learn about emergency preparation for individuals, families, and communities. Projects may make evacuation maps, emergency kits, and certify youth in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) process.


Learn to understand and practice the general concepts of personal safety, environmental safety, and public safety. May include self-defense as well as first-aid training.

Healthy Living: Products
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