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Healthy Lifestlyes: Products


Baking & Breadmaking

Learn the many methods and history of bread making. May include traditional practices or machine practices. May include commercial introduction.

Cake Decorating

Members learn how to decoate a cake according to their tastes. Cakes may vary form advanced to very basic.


Learn how to shop for, prepare, and serve nutritious food safely, and how to maintain good health through a good diet. Food may be whatever the leader selects, with subcategories including but not limited to :Beginning, Dairy, International, Nuttritional, and Preservation.

Foods- Beginning

Foods project focused on easy and beginning activities.

Foods- Dairy

Foods project focused on dairy products.

Foods- International

Foods project focused on international foods.

Foods- Nutrition

Foods project focused on nutrition.

Foods- Preservation

Foods project focused on preservation of foods.

Health and Physical Fitness

This project concentrates on personal health and well-being. Learn how to stay healthy by understanding basic health concepts. Participate in community health education and learn about different health services and related public misconceptions.


Participate in and/or referee any group or individual sport including but not limited to: volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, skiing, sailing, roller-skating, and relays. Participate in boosting public awareness. Subcategories may include: bowling, football, golf, soccer, and volleyball.

Healthy Lifestlyes: Products

Personal Safety

CPR & First Aid

Learn about life-saving methods such as CPR and first-aid. May include certification.

Emergency Perparation & Management

Learn about emergency preparation for individuals, families and communities. Projects may make evacuation maps, emergency kits, and certify youth in the community emergency response team CERT) process.


Learn to understand and practice the general concepts of personal safety, environmental safety, and public safety. May include self-defense as well as first-aid training.

Healthy Lifestlyes: Products
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