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The San Bernardino County 4-H program gives its older members the opportunity to apply for college scholarships.
Please turn in your applications to the San Bernardino County 4-H office by the listed deadline.

Scholarships: News

Our Scholarships

San Bernardino County 4-H

San Bernardino County 4-H is giving up to 3 scholarships to graduating 4-H members.  

Please email the completed application to Emily Watson @ by August 5th, 2023.  The incentive and recognition committee will review them at Record Book Judging.

Scholarships: Programs

State 4-H Scholarships

The UC 4-H Youth Development Program is committed to promoting higher education. With help from donors, statewide scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors and college-attending students.

The candidate for any 4-H scholarship must be:

  • A high school senior, graduate, or equivalent who is already enrolled in or accepted to an institution of higher education. Institutions of higher education include accredited vocational schools, colleges or universities.

  • Enrolled in the UC 4-H Youth Development Program at the time of high school graduation or equivalent, such as receiving a General Education Diploma (GED)

  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in at least half of the full-time course load as defined by the applicant's institution.  

  • Not older than 25 as of December 31st of the application year.

Applicants may apply for multiple scholarships but are only eligible to receive one scholarship per year. Previous scholarship recipients may reapply.

Funds for qualified educational expenses (e.g., books, tuition, other required fees) that are provided to scholarship awardees, are not taxable for the recipient. When scholarship awardees receive funds that may be used for nonqualified expenses, then the recipient is responsible for reporting to IRS the amount of funds received as taxable income.

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