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2019 Spring Tractor Supply

Tractor supply is coming up. It's March 27-April 7, 2019. Here are a few things to remember when your club is participating in this event.

* We need to have a leader, preferably two leaders, with the youth members at all time. Please remind your parents that they can not just drop off members and leave them until a leader is present. Also, if you share a store, please make sure that both leaders present know who is coming and how long they are staying. Most stores do shifts so leaders may not stay as long as the member from another club is staying.

* We want to remind parents and leaders that Tractor Supply is a public place. Please do not use vulgar language to the youth members or public. Please remind parents that if they have to discipline their children, to take them out to the car or wait till they get home. In the past, we've had instances of parents yelling at kids during Clover days.

* All cash and monies given to the youth members or leaders is to be used for clovers. This money is not for clubs or individuals and we are not supposed to take donations.

* The Washington Focus kids have asked to use some Tractor Supply money to fund their trip. This trip is usually $3,000 or more. They will coordinate and represent their trip on the empty days that no club has taken at the Hesperia Tractor Supply Store. Then they will get their portion of the Clover Days earnings. This was voted on and unanimously agreed upon by the people who attended the county meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact the county office by phone or email.


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