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2018 Fall Tractor Supply Clover Days

The Fall Tractor Supply Clover Days are here! When youth are at Tractor Supply stores during Clover days, donations are higher. Remember you are representing 4-H when you are at the stores. Here are some rules to keep in mind at all times.

* A leader (preferably 2 leaders) must be with the youth at all times. Parents can not drop kids off and leave them until a leader is present.

*Tractor Supply is a public place. Do not use vulgar language to the youth members or public. If parents need to discipline their children, take them out to the car or wait until you get home. We had a few instances of parents yelling at kinds during the Spring Clover Days.

* All cash and monies given to youth members or leaders, either in a donation bucket or personally, must be used to purchase clovers. This money is not for clubs or individuals.

* For the Hesperia store or any other store with ore than one club working, the funds will be divided equally by the number of groups who working the store. The Washington Focus team will be included as one group for the Hesperia store.

Thanks for all the participation!


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