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Forms and Manuals

Find any forms that you need to efficiently run your club.

Forms and Documents: News


officer's manual image.jpg

Officer's Manual

treasurer manual image.jpg

Treasurer's Manual

Choose Health Officer Manual

healthy living manual image.jpg

Presentation Manual

presentation manual image.jpg
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Youth with Special Needs Handbooks


New Family Handbook

Forms and Documents: Projects
Book Shelf

General Forms

Enrollment Help Sheet

Steps to Success

Program Planning Guide

Project Meeting Report Form

Complaint Form

Project Planner

4-H Guidelines for Social Media

Start of Year Club Info

Updated 4-H Club Bylaws

Updated 4-H Club Constitution

Member Code of Conduct

Adult Volunteer Code of Conduct

Forms and Documents: Meet the Team

Officer Forms

4-H Club Business Meeting Agenda

Annual 4-H Club Planner

4-H Club Meeting Planner

4-H Outreach Methods Documentation

4-H Club Meeting Minutes

Forms and Documents: Products

Treasurer's Forms

Mid Year Club Peer Review Report

Form 5.2

Mid Year Club Peer Review Committee Checklist

Form 5.3

4-H Club Monthly Report

Form 6.1

Annual Inventory

Form 6.2

Annual Financial Report

Form 6.3

4-H Treasurer's Checklist

Form 7.1

4-H Club Ledger

Form 8.1

Club Project Ledger

Form 8.2

Checkbook Balancing

Form 8.3

4-H Club Budget

Form 8.4

Year End Club Peer Review Report

Form 8.5

Year End Club Peer Review Checklist

Form 8.6

Fundraising Approval

Form 8.7

Monthly Statement of Cash Collections

Form 8.8

Club Check Request

Form 8.9

Missing Receipt

Form 8.10

Treasurer Forms

Excel Format

Forms and Documents: Meet the Team

4-H Donations Form

4-H Donation Receipt

4-H Donation Receipt for Auctions

4-H Donation Receipt Template Letter

Forms and Documents: Meet the Team
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